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Standing behind Bjernared Oakman is not only love for the forest but also great knowledge and experience of how and what it can be used for. We create attractive and durable design from oak trees. Through Bjernared’s Sawmill we have over 70 years collective experience and knowledge of the oak population in the Halland, Smaland and north Skane regions of southern Sweden. At Bjernared you find Stefan Karlsson and his extensive knowledge about the raw material and Torbjörn Joelsson with expertise in sawmill production. Together with Stefan and Torbjörn we have started Bjernared Oakman for our designed oak products. Part of the Bjernared Oakman team is Anders Hörberg, with 35 years’ experience of product development and furniture production, and Jonas Johansson with experience of leadership and organisational development.

Bjernared Oakman – Anders Hörberg – 073 339 20 07

Bjernared Oakman – Anders Hörberg – 073 339 20 07


Just like the oak tree our design is beautifully timeless. It is about closeness to nature, skilful craftmanship, functionality and attractive details. A sustainable design of high quality.


Oak is a beautiful, solid and very durable type of wood which makes it suitable for outdoor furniture. It is naturally toxin free, does not require any surface treatment and grows more beautiful with age.


All parts of our designs are made with the same outstanding quality and durability as that of the oak wood itself. The fabric is hardwearing, sun and water resistant. The fittings are treated with zinc to withstand an outdoor environment.

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